About SFI


SFI Marketing Research is uniquely qualified to be your research partner,  given the following five key attributes that distinguish our firm:


1.  Long-Term Experience  

Principal and all consultants have extensive research experience (25+ years)


2.  Integrity

Ethics and honesty are integral to all SFI client

relationships. We believe in complete openness

and candor with our clients and always strive to

tell them what they need to know, even if it's not

necesarily what they want to know.


3.  Rapport

SFI is an advocate for consumers - we convey their

beliefs, needs, and wants to marketers. We deeply

respect the respondents in our studies and are able to develop an uncommon level of rapport with them.


4.  Expertise

Our experience across a broad spectrum of categories, research issues, and targets makes us uniquely able to quickly digest and comprehend client business situations and       

make recommendations regarding marketing

research needs and optimal methodologies.


5.  Actionable Results    

SFI is committed to the success of our clients' businesses and considers it vital to provide meaningful implications and recommendations. We prefer, and generally have, strongly

collaborative partnerships with our clients.

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